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Medical Assistant (MA) / CoolSculpting Technician

Do you want to be involved in making a long-term impact on your patient’s health? Come join our team …

What we're up to ...

At Amari Medical, our purpose is to help our community achieve and sustain optimal health and vitality.

We know that the patients in our community are intelligent, and have an inner desire to improve their health. They want to lose weight, increase their energy, and get off their medications. But, they are frustrated with the mixed direction they get from their doctors, what they read, and what they watch.  They are overwhelmed, short of time, and keep seeing their symptoms worsening rather than getting better.

Our visionary medical director, Dr. J. Shah, M.D., has developed an integrative treatment methodology to help patients clear their confusion and to see long-term improvement in their health.  We’ve already helped over 5,000 patients with this methodology at our two elegant centers in Westchester, NY and want to help thousands more by quickly growing to 10-15 centers in the next five years.

What we do ...

We identify root causes to disease and correct imbalances inside the body. Specifically we work with nutrition, vitamin levels, and hormonal imbalances that effect metabolic function.

At the core of our methodology is Metabolic Weight Loss, but we are also experts in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, IV Nutrition Therapy, and Metal Detoxification.

We also provide cosmetic treatments for our post-weight loss clients, such as: CoolSculpting Non-Surgical Body Sculpting, and Botox & Facial Fillers.   

How we do it ...

We work as a team at the highest level. And in order to do so, we believe that as a team we must:

1. Get It Right

Consistency and quality in everything that we do is paramount.

2. Put Our Patients, The Team, and The Company First

Putting the needs of others first is part of our character.

3. Make First Impressions and Every Impression Count

Representing a positive, energy filled, life is how we motivate others.

4. Love What We Do

    The passion for health, fitness, and vitality runs through our veins.

5. Treat Our Patients Like Family

Our Medical Assisting Role Is Unique ...

We believe that as a Medical Assistant (MA), you posses a unique ability to connect and bond with patients. You have a way of communicating that patients can understand, and which allows them to feel at ease. These traits are often overlooked, but here at Amari Medical we feel that they are essential to ensuring that our patients have an amazing experience.

We therefore consider medical assistants to be a vital part of our team, and more importantly, vital to the purpose and vision of Amari Medical.

Our Medical Assistants don’t just draw blood and take vitals. They are trained by our Doctor to perform some of the most cutting edge testing and treatments, such as CoolSculpting Fat Freezing and Physioage BioMarker Testing for the heart, lungs, and skin. 

A Day In The Life …

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Here's How to Apply:

We are absolutely looking for the right person, that's the right fit, to join our team.  If this job posting didn’t absolutely excite you, then please don’t bother to apply.  If on the other hand, you think that this could be your dream job, then fill out the form below: