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Dermawave Cellulite Reduction

For the improvement of the appearence of cellulite

DermaWave Cellulite Reduction (also known as No-Needle Mesotherapy via Aquaphoresis) is the only effective procedure for treating the root cause of cellulite. This treatment will relieve cellulite’s cottage cheese or orange peel appearance, and will simultaneously prevent future cellulite formation.

No matter where you have cellulite, we can help you regain that smooth and sexy looking skin. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.


What is Cellulite?

As we age, our skin ages too. Collagen and connective tissue within the skin slowly lose their elasticity, and the body becomes less efficient at removing waste products that accumulate near the skin’s surface. When this happens, the fat cells near the skin enlarge, impact blood vessels, and can cause swelling and congestion. As a result, the fibrous connective tissue strands that normally give the skin its tight, smooth appearance pull down on the skin at their attachment points, resulting in a cottage cheese appearance, otherwise known as cellulite.

How does No-Needle Mesotherapy treat Cellulite?

Using a proprietary technique, called Dermawave No-Needle Mesotherapy, a mixture of multivitamins, herbs, and medications are administered directly to the affected areas to promote fat drainage, strengthening of collagen tissue, and stimulation of beta receptors to prevent future fat buildup.

Additionally, the technique tones and tightens the skin muscles and underlying tissue to prevent fat bulges that create cellulite. Lastly, the technique increases lymphatic and venus circulation in the affected areas to prevent fat storage and provide the body with increased ability to drain fat.

How does No-Needle Mesotherapy differ from VelaSmooth or Endermolgie?

No-Needle Mesotherapy is a physician supervised treatment that targets the root cause of cellulite by applying medications, toning underlying muscles and tissue, breaking down fat, and increasing circulation in the affected areas.

The VelaSmooth and Endermologie techniques increase the body’s circulation in affected areas, and through vibration displace and smoothen the existing fat. They do not address the underlying causes of cellulite.

How quickly will I see results?

On average, our patients begin to see results within 4 to 5 treatments. How many treatments will I need? Optimal results are obtained after 8 to 10 treatments.

How Long Will The Results Last?

The results are considered permanent as long as you adhere to the nutritional and exercise guidance prescribed by our Medical Director, Dr. J. Shah

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